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Assure Cleaning Services offers a wide variety of housekeeping, commercial and office cleaning services. We tailor our janitorial and maid services to meet your expectations!  

Our fast and friendly staff has the ability to meet your every need.  Below are some of the services we offer.  

Don't see what you're looking for?  We likely do whatever it is you're looking for too!  All you've got to do is call.

Satisfaction guaranteed!  Bonded and insured.  A wide variety of residential, corporate, escrow services, outdoor clean up, pressure washing, and hauling.

We want your home or office to sparkle and shine. More important, we want you completely satisfied with our cleaning services. If we missed something or didn't meet your expectations, give us a call. We'll come back and make it right. Your satisfaction is our number-one priority!

Residential Services

Quick Clean - $60

Our simplest clean of all. When a tidy up is all that's required…tailored to your particular needs. Based on a two hour specifically targeted list of tasks. *Additional time can be added, as needed, at your request!

Weekly Clean - $120

Our weekly service maintains your homes cleanliness indefinitely.  You need not worry about anything.  Just simply let us know what you would like us to focus on and every week and you are done.

Bi-Weekly - $150
Our bi-weekly service for those homes where weekly is just a little too much!

Deep Clean - $200                         
Our most thorough clean of all. Get started with a deep clean and maintain it with a weekly or bi-weekly service.

*All services based on an average sized residence up to 1200 sq ft. Prices will vary depending on individual home and conditions.

Escrow / Rental Services
Move in / Move Out - $230
Specializing in bringing that residence back up to snuff after the big move. Whether you’re moving in or out.  We'll prepare your rental for new tenants, or get your unit ready for sale. 

Need help getting back that deposit?  We can satisfy ANY management or landlord.  No problem.

Sometimes your new home just isn’t up to your high standards.  We can make it pristine and ready for you to live in without traces of the last residents left behind so you can simply focus on moving.  As if your life isn’t upside down enough just moving, why should you have to worry about cleaning too?!     

*All services based on an average sized residence up to 1200 sq ft. Prices will vary depending on individual home and conditions.  Carpet shampooing, window washing, and hauling will incur additional cost.

Refuse Disposal

Pricing based on load size and type of refuse. Includes dump fees. $100 minimum.

Clean Green
Pricing based on load size. Includes dump fees. $75 minimum.

*Hazardous waste not included. Construction debris will incur additional charges.

Outdoor Clean Up
Pressure Washing - $85

Because the outside should match what we've done on the inside. Have you got stained concrete or asphalt and you're tired of tracking that inside your home? Does your house need that extra curb appeal but you're not sure how to get it?

Driveways -

We can take care of those nasty oil stains and tire marks that give it that dingy unkept appearance. The average driveway is approximately 20 x 20 and takes approximately one hour.

Home Exteriors -

Make your house command attention by bringing back that curb appeal that it used to have. The average home can be done including decks and patios in just three or four hours. This is a great way to prepare for that paint job you've been putting off as well.

Glass Polishing and Scratch Removal

Nothing ruins that beautiful view or a brand new window or door like a big ugly scratch.  Clean it all you want, the scratch remains.  What if you could get rid of that scratch without distortion and without all the financial burden of replacing the unit?  Are you intrigued?  Well, now you can.  Our highly trained and experienced technician has over 10 year of scratch removal experience.  We use a specialized equipment and a method that can remove the harshest damage without leaving your window looking like a fun house mirror like so many companies out there.  Please call to set up an appointment for a quote. 

How about those shower doors or windows that are etched from water spots?  I bet you probably think you are stuck with them.  Well you're not!  Give us a call and let us take care of you.  You'll be amazed with the results.  A new set of shower doors can run close to $1,000 with installation.  Let us save you the money by making the one you've got look new again.  

Construction Clean-Up & Post Construction Clean-up!

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